In view of the announced increases of this month which will be 2.6% for electricity, electricity bill by eliminating completely even those hidden consumption that can affect up to 40% on average annual consumption.

How to save on your electricity bill

Even if all the electronic devices are turned off, the house counter runs the same.

The reason? It is the stand-by or when appliances and devices are simply left to rest and do not turn off completely. The main example concerns the TV set which we plan to switch off but leave the red light on. The problem is that the standby consumes and can affect up to 40% of the average annual consumption of a house (3,300 kilowatt hours) with an expense that can even reach 250 euros.

This is what is revealed by an analysis carried out by Midori, an SME based at the Energy Center of the Politecnico di Torino thanks to the Made Italy smart meter (NED). The latter, in fact, by connecting to the electrical panel of the house, has allowed us to monitor consumption, also identifying those that are not easy to detect. The data collected by NED reveal that small and large appliances affect energy consumption not only when they are used but also when they are, as mentioned, on stand-by. What to do then?

Tips to save on your bill

Surely the first advice to reduce consumption in the bill is to pay attention to the stand-by . In fact, even if turned off, electronic devices continue to consume energy. For example, computers, televisions and printers alone can account for as much as 40% of hidden consumption. In fact, the NED analyzes have found that the decoders left on standby, for example, consume up to 700 kWh per day and therefore 255 kWh per year for an annual cost of almost 60 euros. Turning off this device when not in use or at night can save up to 65% and therefore up to 40 euros a year.

Even the air conditioners consume if they are left on standby. The suggestion is therefore to always disconnect the plug or switch of the electrical panel when it is not used. And again, switch off and install buttons or multi-sockets .

With the latter, in fact, more devices and appliances can be switched off at once. Alternatively you can install smart switches that can also be monitored remotely to be sure of the consumption you make when you are not home.We recommend, to save on the electricity bill, finally also to choose modern appliances with high energy class such as A, A +, A ++ and A +++. Even if they stay on standby, in fact, they consume less than the old appliances. Finally, check that there are no faults or leaks.