Different kinds of floors exist, but tiles have become the most popular choice among homeowners because they are durable, waterproof, and most importantly, attractive. Another reason homeowners prefer tiles to other options is its low cost of maintenance. If you want your tiles to look as good as new, you must clean them regularly. The good thing is; tiles are easy to clean. Here are a few tips you can use to clean your tile floors properly.

To clean the tiled floors, first of all, sweep the floor with a fluffy duster. If you have access to a vacuum cleaner, use it to remove loose dust on the floor. Mop the tile floor with only water and dry to see if it is clean. If not, mix a half cup of vinegar with warm water and mop the floor. Again mix freshwater and liquid detergent and mop the floor to remove grease stains. Then spot clean hard dirt with half scouring powder plus warm water.

If water did not leave your tile floor sparkling clean, it means you need more advanced tile cleaners for excellent results. The best tile cleaning solutions available in the market are vinegar, scouring powder, and dish detergent.

Clean regularly

Don’t wait until there is a buildup of dirt on the tiled floors if you want to avoid using strong chemicals that might degrade the life of your tiles. Plus, you don’t want to spend hours doing the cleaning and scrubbing out stubborn stains. To avoid all these, practice cleaning the floors regularly or even daily if you can. Cleaning the tiled floors may sound harsh but follow the steps below to discover it is easy.

Sweep or vacuum your floors first: Do this to remove loose dirt from the floor. Please don’t use the straw broom because it will leave scratches on your tiles, and you don’t want that to happen.

Mop with warm water: Mopping the tiled floor with warm water once a week makes it shiny and sparkling. If you hire a professional tile cleaner, make sure you are present to supervise and take note of the type of broom to use. Tiles are expensive to buy, and you don’t want to incur another cost to replace them soon, do you?

Dry after damp mopping: It is good practice to dry the floor after wet mopping to prevent dirt and dust settling back on the floor soon to become hard to remove grimes.

Wipe up spills soon: Wipe every spill soon, including water with an absorbent cloth. For dirtier spills like blood or raw meat, use disinfectant. Using strong chemical stain removers may degrade your tiles or make them look dull. Do spot cleaning if you must clean with strong chemicals and only on places where there are spills.

Use doormats: Both inside and outside, use doormats to track dirt or water before they reach your tiles. It is essential to use doormats during rain or snow seasons.

Apply deep cleaning: Try to deep clean your tiled floor more often to maintain the sheen using different solutions. Avoid strong chemicals because they can affect or degrade your tiles. Don’t forget to clean the grout. Dirt likes to hide in the grout; sparkling grout brings out the brightness of a tiled floor. Before trying commercial cleaners, try baking soda and water.