Sometimes you could have more guests and friends in your camping than you had expected, and everyone must be in the caravan awning. What will you do? Well, you need to have caravan annexes to extend your awning so that it can house everyone. This should tell you the importance of having this extension to your caravan for optimal space for everyone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel wide and far to get the right annexe. Many outlets are dealing with caravan annexes for sale that will make your job even easier. Some sellers can be very helpful to the extent of showing you how to fix or install the caravan annexes.

Of course, they should provide a manual to guide you; some go to an extra step of guiding you through the entire process. Well, since it is not a complex process, the important thing is to get the right caravan annexes for sale in the Australian market. So how do you get the right annexe? Let’s explore that.

How to Get the Right Caravan Annex for Sale

You may have gone through various shops and dealers in Australia looking for the best caravan annexe, but you have not yet become satisfied. Well, there are some tips you should know if you are to have that caravan annexe that matches your taste and preferences. Here are some of them:

1.Conduct a thorough research

You can do the worst thing to invade the market for a caravan annexe without researching them. The information about the annexes is available on the internet. If you don’t trust the internet, you can consult with various automotive companies that are trustworthy and reputable.

This step will help you know the costs of the annexes, their designs, and their use. When you are thoroughly equipped with information and identify the annexe you have been looking for, you can proceed to the market.

2. Know the material you want for your annexe

Most caravan annexes for sale in Australia are made of various materials, including vinyl, canvas, and shade on their walls. There is a lot of discussion in the market on which material should be used to make a caravan annexe. However, get the right information on the kind of annexe you want that matches your caravan.

3. Choose the layout and the support systems of your annexe

Mostly, the colour of the caravan annexe does not change the price, but the layout and the support systems that are going to be used will highly influence the price. The awning layout typically refers to the position of the windows and doors, their size, and their number.

It may also include the internal walls used in dividing the room and some porch areas. Check out the material that is used in making the doors and the windows. Ensure that it matches your taste.

4. Ensure the caravan awning is well-ventilated

Caravan annexes from Kakadu are made according to the outlined Australian standards, and that should tell you that the vent should not be interfered with. If you have various appliances like a fridge, barbecue gas and mesh, and other outdoor equipment, you may not be allowed to put a closed door to your annexe. Of course, this is for your safety.

5. Ensure they have UV sign

A good caravan annexe is marked that it can protect you from the UV and hot sun rays. The fabric material used should give this protection.